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Van Damme's first steps at cinema

July 17

Having rummaged in the Internet has got a little bit enough entertaining things about Jean-Claude Van Damme. These are two videoclips from his early pictures where he appeared in small episodes.

"Monaco forever"
Van Damme plays the gay-karateka soliciting in the car up to the passenger. Awful game, disgusting a voice and very ridiculous Van Damme.

In this film at Van Damme a role without words. Actually, and it cannot be named a role plainly - so, participation in mass meeting. Van Damme, is clearly visible on all backgrounds - he is "incendiary trambled down under music and ridiculously beats off a rhythm to soloists.

Doubler Van Damme
Todd David Senofonte's some pictures, the constant doubler Van Damme working with him since times of " Sudden death ". It is interesting, that was earlier: other doubler or Van Damme independently executed tricks? I Am declined in favour of the last as before "Death" there was "Street fighter", Van Damme's profit-making film: despite of the devastating criticism, it has collected $100 million For 94-th it very abruptly, believe. Most likely, at the guy the asterisk has simply begun.

"Predator" And not having ripened to illustrate article about creation of "Predator", I have picked up some pictures confirming participation of Van Damme in the project: Initial variant of design of the Predator. It is tiny model, but on a background face Van Damme is visible.

Here Van Damme already on shootings. There is a clothing to a suit. Pay attention to the Shamalano of like hindu: heis the good friend Van Damme Michel Kuissi played with him in several films, including Tang Po in "Kickboxer"

In the foreground John MakTirnan is amused with a fragment of the red suit used in stages when the Predator it was necessary to make flickering. It is interesting, that the studio so has taken offence at Van Damme that has never mentioned his name in credits, and in this picture of the actor standing on a background even have washed away. But all the same his person is perfectly guessed.

At last, the main picture, it is not clear as last censorship: Van Damme and Charles Uezers pose right at the beginning of shootings. On the right hand Jean-Claude Van Damme - a fragment of a suit.

Source: VanDamme.ru

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