Van Damme Has Passion for Action in Cannes 12 May

By Daily Recap

The sun finally shone on Day Three of the Cannes Film Festival, heralding a promise of that famous South of France weather. Quel dommage, it was ultimately only a tease as the fog rolled in before noon.

The press conference for Jean Claude Van Damme on the terrace of the Noga Hilton could have been a picture perfect photo op with a shimmering Mediterranean in the background. Instead, Van Damme was shrouded in hazy mist and used his movie-poster smile to brighten up the cameras. In town to pitch his two new films, Replicant from Director Ringo Lam and the yet-to-be-filmed The Order from Director Sheldon Lettich, Van Damme spoke often of his passion for action as well as his joy at being fit for his fans.

"I'm back in shape," exclaimed van Damme, "and I want everyone to know it! God gave me a great body, and it's my duty to take care of my physical templeusing your body is also acting; as far as I'm concerned, Charlie Chaplin was an action star because his performances were all about the physical. It's hard to make an action movie with all the right elements; Replicant has all three-love, action and dramatic tension." Pre-sales of The Order at Cannes this week will cement offers to the high profile co-stars Van Damme wants to work with in the picture.

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