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Welcome to the greatest Internet project about
Jean-Claude Van Damme !!!

My name is Erwin MüllerFacebook, I'm from Moscow. I'm Jean-Claude Van Damme's biggest fan since 10 years old. Thanks to Jean-Claud Van Damme I started going in for sports and got basic training watching his action films. I was doing punches and kicks he used in the movies. I believe that millions of youngsters have chosen the proper way of their lives after Jean-Claud Van Damme. Thanks to him for his existence.
All items for this site were collected over the Internet and picked from my own collection. If you have more materials on the matter (photos, articles, just everything dealing with Jean-Claude Van Damme's life), I will appreciate greatly putting them on this site

When using the material the reference to the site is obligatory.
The recommended sanction of the screen 1024x768.
If you have some questions or suggestions just write to me. I wish success!!!

P.S. My childish dream has almost come true apart from meeting you, mr. Jean-Claud Van Damme.
I hope this miracle will take place in the nearest future. With hope, your biggest fan — Erwin.

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